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Southwire Aluminum Flex 1/2" 100-ft Conduit

Southwire Aluminum Flex 1/2" 100-ft Conduit

Metal Flex 100-ft Conduit (Common: 1/2-in; Actual: .5-in)

Type RWA (reduced wall aluminum) for a lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloy construction
Suitable for containing power and lighting branch circuit conductors and cables for connecting receptacles, luminaries, equipment and office partitions
For use as a metal raceway for motor feeder, branch and control circuit conductors and cables
Compatible with power-limited or non-power-limited fire alarm circuits, voice, data, communications, and video cables including CATV and optical fiber cables
For use with Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 remote-control, signaling and power-limited circuit conductors and cables
Accommodates use in environmental air-handling spaces, elevators, hoist-ways and escalators
Ideal for concealed or exposed installations
Serves as a grounding conductor for 6-ft length
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